The Story Of Nyorra


Nyorra Lopez is an imaginary girl who happened had come in the dreams of Sir Kristóval Dalevenciaga. During that time Sir Kristóval Dalevenciaga had been designing some of the best fashion apparels for women in Spain. Every night Nyorra used to come in his dream wearing the cloth he had designed, surprisingly all the cloths he had designed used to look very pretty on Nyorra. Since, then Sir Kristóval Dalevenciaga made a pact to find Nyorra in real life. Soon, this story spread across the whole Europe. Every well know designers and suppliers across Europe started creating some of the best clothing since then, only to find that girl, to whom all of their clothing designed from the derived fashion knowledge of Sir Kristóval Dalevenciaga would fit well. 

The search still continues. We hope one day we will find Nyorra. We are pretty sure she is one among you (our customers).


Who are we?

We are hunters. We hunt well know fashion designers, trend makers and authentic suppliers of women fashion. We have managed to hunt down a couple of authentic fashion suppliers from Spain, Italy, France, USA, and 8 other countries. 

We have dedicated 9 months of research to find these high quality, trend-setting apparels & fashion accessories. With a lot of chats, talks, interviews with over 12,000 women, we as a team managed to gather up what's best/should be best for feminine USA. 

We own & run the women's fashion store "Nyorra", name inspired by the story of the imaginary girl

Our "making of Nyorra" portions out as follows

40% passion for fashion

20% dedication on making our passion the reality

20% research & testing (tested almost 67k apparels)

 7% For money (only to built Nyorra to greater height)

3% brand fame

10% pure love!

What's so special about our items?

All our items are chosen with high delicacy. We only & only ship all items from authentic suppliers who not just claim about their quality, but are all verified & approved by us. Not all authentic & high quality apparels ends up on Nyorra. We fish around 60k plus items and store up only the ones we feel the best for you. It may be 100, 50 or even 10 items. All we see is how well it's best for you & how well it's best to be in Nyorra.

We believe in more than "Quality matters more than quantity". 

We believe in "Quality & Importance matters more than quantity"

It takes 2 to 5 weeks for every new apparel/item to add up in Nyorra.

Because, that is the dedication & testing we put in for all our items

Each & every item of Nyorra is studied & looked up by at least 10 women from our special team, dedicated for fashion & trends research.

We strongly believe finding the best apparel for someone is an art. Which we are deliberately working on! is Owned & handled by Madhusudhana & his team.

You may see owner's name in some of the payment method's check out page.

Every changes that happen & yet to happen on Nyorra is in the discretion of the owner.